• “I hear you, I see you”


  • “I hear you, I see you”, digital video, 1 min 58 sec, 2018

An experimental and conceptual video about the love story of two disabled people, one deaf and the other blind, in a poetic way and based on their personal world  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • “Exit of the Frame”

  • From the project “Je”, digital video, 29 sec, 2018

A symbolic approach to represent the mental state of a person with agoraphobia, through the physical objects and considering the frame of the film or video as the closed mind of the person who is stuck in his thoughts and fears  /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


  • “Find Me”

  • From the project “Je”, digital video, 1 min 45 sec, 2017

I considered myself as a person between two spaces. One, the life outside me, people whom I have seen during my life, friends, loved ones, mean ones… but they don’t exist anymore, having their own lives, they are all just some confusing memories in the corners of my mind. The right space, the life inside me. And me, between the two spaces, trying to remember, struggling to live /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


  • “Fantôme Sweet Home”

  • From the project “Je”, digital video, 1 min 33 sec, 2017

The practice of paradoxical everyday life. …We are not safe in the safest places ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////